We work to provide restaurant quality service at any venue. Collaborating with caterers or working directly with clients to transform any home or venue into your dream dinning setting. Catering Staff can setup tables, place settings and decorations.


Coat Check services for those inclement days that happen now and again. Event Hosts attend to the details making sure all guests get food and drink and make sure everyone is comfortable. Event Managers & Banquet Captains are the glue that hold the team together working as a single point of contact between host and team to make things flow smoothly.

Beverage Service

Night & day provides Bartenders for all occasions. If you are looking for someone to mix cocktails or just pour beer and wine, we are here for you. Even for those who don’t partake in alcohol, our bartenders can mix up a mocktail with fresh juices to suit your taste. We can provide LEAD certified bartenders for venues that require certifications. We do not have a liquor sales license instead we have you stock your own bar. Flair Bartenders are talented performers provide a show with each libation. These are the ultimate party bartenders juggling bottles and flipping shakers to thrill the crowd.

Basic bar – just a few basic selections like rum and coke, nothing complex
Full bar – you can take this as far as you want based on your tastes
Specialty cocktails – craft cocktails or classics you can choose just a few drinks to serve
Beer – one or more flavors for different tastes
Wine – this can be a difficult decision with so many varietals; red, white, sparkling

Food Service

A chef or kitchen assistant operates in the kitchen to cook, heat and plate food. Our waiters can arrange and maintain self-service stations for food or beverages. We commonly provide tray passers to make rounds with food and beverages making it easy for guest to indulge. If your dinner is served in the form of a buffet and requires a Buffet Attendant, either to keep the buffet clean or provide portion control. Waiters can assist with a family style meal or plated meal our team is prepared to provide service to suit your needs. When the meal is over, bussers will remove dishes from the tables and take them back to be cleaned and put away.

Appetizers – tray passed or self service
Buffet – self-service or portion control
Family style dinner – large platters for each table
Plated dinner – single or multiple course plated dinner
Desserts – cake cutting or dessert bar

Clean - Up

Usually the most painful part of any event is made easier with Waiters and bussers to remove everything from the tables and clean up the decorations. Also, dishwashers to package all of your rentals so they are easily picked up by your rental company.

Areas We Serve


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