1. What does the staff wear?
- Our team comes dressed in Black or White Bistro Uniform. Black dress pants, long sleeve black or white dress shirt, long black tie, black dress shoes and socks.

2. Will the team have their own aprons?
- We do not require the staff to provide aprons. If you would like the team to wear aprons you are more than welcome to supply them.

3. What is the screening process for your staff?
- Our staff is carefully selected by local managers to ensure that our clients only get top notch staff. We look for a minimum of two years of experience in the catering industry or fine dining.

4. Do you provide water pitchers or serving trays for the team?
- We do not provide these items and we suggest that you rent from a local party rental store.

5. What time will the staff arrive?
- If you scheduled the staff to arrive at 5pm that is the time that they will arrive at. Please make sure to account for setup time when scheduling the team.

6. Do you have a sign in manager onsite?
- For all events with over five staff members we have an appointed sign in manger to keep track of the staff’s hours and assist with any troubleshooting that comes up.

7. Do your bartenders have bar tools?
- Our bartenders will bring a basic bar kit of martini shakers, stirrer, jigger, muddler, speed pours, bar towels, cutting board and knife.

8. Is there an additional charge for the staff to cut cake?
- No, we do not charge an additional fee for this.

9. Do you have liquor liability insurance?
- We can obtain a liquor liability policy for the day of your event for a fee of $295.00

10. Do you have a liquor license?
- We do not have a liquor license but our bartenders are LEAD certified.

11. Do you have Workman’s Comp Insurance?
- Our Staff is covered by our Liquor Liability Policy.

12. Can you obtain a Certificate of Additional Insurance for the event?
- With Seven days notice we can obtain a COI.

13. Can I request male or female staff?
- We do allow clients to make a request for male/female staff however we can not guarantee.