How much staff do I need? The answer to that question will depend on the person asking it. Each person has an idea of what responsibilities they would like to pass on to their event host or other hospitality staff. Also, reflect on how much contact with the event host you would like each guest to have (ex. Tray passing, drink refills, answering the door, taking coats). All of this considered we generally recommend;

  • 1 event host for 25-50 guests
  • 1 bartender for 50-75 guests
  • 1 tray passer for 25-50 guests
  • 1 waiter for 10-20 guests (plated meal)
  • 1 waiter for 10-20 guests (family style meal)
  • 1 waiter for 35 guests (buffet meal)
  • Its easiest if we hear your vision directly so that we can suggest the right amount of staff